His Royal Highness Sri Paduka Batara Mahasari

Maulana General Dr. (H) Datu Muhammidul ‘Ali Al-Mahmun Halun ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad Aranan Puyo, PBMM, DKDRS, DKM, BSM. E.H (PHK General, Germany), Highest Royal Patronage Norman Academy, Italy

The Head of the Royal Family and Royal Sultanate House of the Maharaja Adinda Aranan.

The Honorable Chairman of the Council of Royal Datu’s the Hashemite Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam.

The highest Royal Patronage of the Norman Academy in Rome, Republic of Italy.

The Grand Master (“Yang di Pertua”), of the Royal Order of Maharaja Adinda Aranan.”

The Grand Master (“Yang di Pertua”), of the Supreme Order Of Aranan .”

His Royal Highness, represents the legitimate Royal House and Heirs, and is the Successor to the family of the Second Heirs Apparent, to the throne of the Hashemite Sultanate of Sulu.


HRH Datu Muhammidul Ali Aranan or the real name HRH Datu Muhammidul Ali Al-Mahmun Halun son of the late Sultan, His Majesty Maharaja Adinda/Arinda Sultan Muhammad Adanan/Aranan Puyo or fondly known as “Datu Ali Kuyung” which is the eldest great-grandson of HM Sultan Muhammad Aranan Puyo, The Sovereign Sultanate Of Sulu Ruled in 1862 after a reign of Sultan Muhammad Fadl Pulalon Kiram. He is the youngest Son of HRH Datu Al-Mahmun as the eldest son of HRH Datu Halun (candidate Rajamuda during the Era Rule of Sultan Jamalul Ahlam@ A’Azam Kiram) which is also the eldest son of HM Sultan Muhammad Aranan Puyo with the first Wife Pengian Dayang Sitti .

He was born in the Territory of Pandameh Island, Sulu On December 9, 1954 and has been exaggerated in the State then migrated to the island of Palawan and to Cagayan island, Tawi-Tawi around the 60’s and had his early education in English Primary School Cagayan. After graduating from English primary school, he was moved to tambisan Island, Sabah wishes to continue studies with a family who has long lived in the area since the era of the reign of the Sultanate of Sulu in the state.

In 1968, he entered military training under the regiment team (RAW) and received military training in Peninsular Malaysia. During his service in the military of the Royal Malay Armed, He has recruited in the peninsular states consisting the state of Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Malacca, Johor, Perak and the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia on the grounds that the family business but he has ceased to serve and pursue a career in business. He began in business at around 70’s.

At around the same year of 70s, his first marriage and the latter has failed to produce offspring, he eventually married for a four times, his third wife descent of Tidung tribe and was blessed three sons that is Datu Muhammad Abdullah (Elder), Datu Muhammad Raden Satria, Datu Muhammad Ayatuddin and the youngest daughter but finally utterance, died in pregnancy.

With a non-permanent marriage bond he once again was divorced and in 1981 he finally met a his forth wives descended from Baanan family, The descendants of Imam Baanan, Founder of Bud Tukay in Sulu. Their Marriage was given four son that is HRH Datu Muhammad Hassanal , HRH Datu Muhammad Hanafi, HRH Datu Muhammad Alipatra and the youngest, HRH Datu Muhammad Al- Fazhir Al-Mahmun.