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Inauguration of The Royal House Of Maharaja Adinda Aranan

suludarussalam/ March 31, 2018/ Latest Updates, Royal Family

INAUGURATION OF THE ROYAL HOUSE OF MAHARAJA ADINDA ARANAN The Royal House of Maharaja Adinda Aranan organized a ceremony for the royal family to lift and restore the ancestor and the sovereignty of the bangsa sug nation through the second heirs family to the throne known as the Maharaja Adinda Family. The second heirs was the successor to the Royal Sultanate throne form the lineage of Sultan Bantilan Muizuddin who ascended the throne in 1743 which later passed on to his heir as the last ruling Sultan, the Maharaja Adinda Sultan Muhammad Aranan Puyu in 1862. On June 27, 2017, Minsupala Realm Integration For Diversity inc. attending UNPO General Assembly XIII in Edinburgh, Scotland and has presented Sulu resolution during that time. As mentioned in the 15 main paragraphs of the resolution stated the truthful facts and history of Sulu before and after the collapse of the Sultanate as the ruling monarch became the key point in the restoration and reinstatement of the monarchist system, the structures and the sovereign rights of the royal family. Through the ultimate point that being the culmination of a solution to the ongoing conflict in Sulu, the Inauguration of the royal house of maharaja adinda as a future ruling royal family will resume the monarchy and neutralize any binded treaty by the sultanate before and other parties and after giving mandateship to the people to restore the legislative peoples house of representatives traditionally known as The Rumah Bichara in accordance with the resolution of UNPO General Assembly XIII on paragraph 13 “Noting” number 1-9 which refers to the total

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